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Operation division guidance
Ÿ Advanced science & technology
Products which always lead an analytic field, such as an analytical instrument, peptide synthesis equipment, etc. using light and computers including the elemental analyzer which concentrated leading-edge technology, are offered.
Ÿ Semiconductor operation division
A direct current / low frequency wave / high frequency power supply for plasma generations used for the manufacturing process of a semiconductor / liquid crystal / disk are treated. moreover, analog control -- automatic -- a consistency machine / MPU control automatic consistency machine / automatic phase shifuta / impedance meter is also exporting by being proprietary.
Ÿ Science measurment opreation division
The equipment which carry out analysis measurement of a solid, the solid surface, gaseous physical properties, a history, the reaction, etc., and the apparatus which performs management of a semiconductor / recording-medium manufacturing process and control using these measurement results are treated.
Ÿ Aplication electronic operation division
The electromagnetic environment measuring instrument which conformed to the Wireless Telegraph Law enforcement regulations was begun, it has had in stock various electronic measuring machine machines (an EMC conformity examination and the apparatus for preliminary exams, broadband power amplifier, Pals power amplifier, a millimeter-wave-signals generator, etc.), and broadband RF power amplifier and peripheral equipment are also preparing the original products of our company.
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